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Norwell was built from a strong foundation and legacy. Since 1983, we have been helping Canadians live well. However, it starts by employing the right people. At Norwell, we make sure our employees are taken care of so they can ultimately make a difference and improve the lives of Canadians.

Empowering Canadians to Live Well

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For us, the wellness of Canadians includes you.

A life well lived. That’s Norwell's goal for all Canadians.

We’ve spent the last decade scaling the business and taking people along as we grow. Our colleagues tell us that they’ve discovered their potential, passion, and purpose right here at Norwell. And so can you. Join the fastest growing company to experience it.

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At Norwell, it starts with our team. We strive to provide our people with a positive and energetic environment that enables them to do their best work, that keeps them happy.

Wellness Program

A holistic wellness program that includes medical, physical, as well as mental well-being of our employees.

Flexible Work Environment

Maintain work-life balance thanks to our flexible working conditions and on-site services, such as a gym and subsidized cafeteria in our facility.

Hybrid Work

We offer a hybrid work structure that requires only 2 days at the office ensuring team collaboration while providing flexibility to work the rest of the week from your home or office depending on individual preference.

Balanced Schedule - Enjoy a flexible schedule and summer hours program.

Remote Option - Work remotely from outside the Greater Montreal area, or Quebec.

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